May 24, 2022|

Hanover, PA (May 23, 2022) – Dylan Norris showed speed both Friday night at the Grove and Saturday at Lincoln but got caught up in incidents on the track both nights. Thankfully Norris is ok after the rough weekend, ”I’m doing perfectly fine, just frustrated with two good runs taken away by wrecks that were out of our control.” Friday night was the first night Williams Grove used time trials in hot laps to set the heat line-ups for their Yellow Breeches series. Norris timed second quick in his group, and with the zero being pulled for the invert, that meant he lined up second for his heat race. Norris finished second in his heat which lined him up sixth for the feature. Norris was running fourth on lap 4 when a car spun in front of him with nowhere for him to go. Despite the set back Norris rejoined the field and drove back up to finish 9th, scoring his fourth top 10 finish at the Grove of the season. On Saturday the handicapping at Lincoln lined Norris up sixth for this heat race. Dylan finished the heat race third lining him up 12th for the 30-lap feature. Norris was running ninth on lap 24 when he brought out the red flag after taking a tumble in turn 4. Unfortunately the damage was too much for Norris to continue and he was scored with a DNF. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Gardy Enterprises Gardy Lawrence’s career in education began over 30 years [...]

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