Hanover, PA (May 8, 2023) – After battling Mother Nature for a month, Central PA finally had a decent weekend for racing which started out at Williams Grove on Friday night. With the World of Outlaws coming to town the night started out with time trials. Norris was the second quickest with a lap of 16.392 seconds which put him on the pole for his heat race. Dylan won his heat putting him in the redraw for the feature line-up where he pulled the two pill. Right before pushing out for the feature the team made the decision to change wings, “The wing that we had been running all night was getting ready to collapse because of the runners inside of the wing so for precautionary measure we made the swap.” Dylan shot out to the lead and led his first laps of the 2023 season. As Norris worked his way through lapped traffic a lapped car broke down in front of him leaving him nowhere to go. Luckily, Norris was able to spin and avoid any damage to his car and he rejoined the tail end of the field. Dylan crossed the line 14th, “Overall I think our night was positive. Chase and I had the cars to beat all night and even though we didn’t get the results we wanted I thought we had a great shot to win if things went a little differently.”

Norris carried his speed over to Lincoln Speedway on Saturday and started the night off by setting quick time with a lap of 13.392 seconds, “Quick time was definitely a good start to the night. We’ve been so close to setting the fastest lap but always end up second, third or fourth. It definitely gave us some confidence especially when I didn’t feel our car was great in time trials.” Using the PA Speedweek format, Dylan started fourth in his heat race and that would be where he finished, earning him a spot in the redraw, “I felt OK in the heat. I knew I didn’t have to push very hard because I knew I needed to be top five to make the redraw so I wasn’t going to put myself in a bad position if I didn’t have to.” Norris drew the five but ended up starting fourth as one of the redraw drivers took a challenge of starting in the rear. Dylan got to third right away and got up to second on lap 14, “I felt pretty balanced in the feature and could move around a lot despite the track conditions not being my cup of tea. There are definitely some tings that we can work on to get better. We struggled in lapped traffic and I could hear Danny there the last two laps. I knew I wasn’t getting though three and four as good as I needed to be.” Dylan would cap the weekend off with a second place finish.

With the World of Outlaws making their second trip to Central PA this week and after the weekend he just had Dylan said, “I definitely feel like this weekend gives us some confidence going up against the Outlaws. It’s definitely the fastest I’ve ever been going into an Outlaw week.”

In addition to competing with the Outlaws, Dylan and the Gobrecht Motorsports Team will be attending the Hershey Sprint Car Experience on Thursday at Hershey Stadium. The event is free for fans to attend and will be running from 4:30-7PM. Dylan and other drivers will have their cars and haulers there to meet and greet with fans, “I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of new fans and just being a part of something that I feel is very important which is getting new people into the sport of racing.”


Lincoln Speedway, Wednesday, May 10 at 6:30PM; Hershey Stadium, Thursday, May 11 at 4:30PM; Williams Grove Speedway, Friday May 12 at 7PM; Williams Grove Speedway, Saturday, May 13 at 7PM


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BAPS Motor Speedway: 2 starts
Top 10: 1

Lincoln Speedway: 7 starts
Top 5: 1
Top 10: 3

Port Royal Speedway: 1 start

Williams Grove Speedway: 3 starts